Converting a Vintage Steel to Left Hand

This owner has a prized vintage fender lap steel guitar. The problem is that he is a lefty, and it made playing the right handed steel a bit difficult. The height of the farther steel was lower instead of higher, making reaching over to play a little more difficult. Also the controls and jack were on the far side of the steel when played.

I disassembled and reversed the steel. Recessed mortises had to be made into the truss holes to accomodate the truss bar's mounting hardware. The finish of the interior sides was actually pretty good after being 'welded' together with tobacco and beer for almost 50 years. The leg holes were then reoriented, and the wiring reversed. The small brown fender tag was moved down to the front of the steel in the new orientation.

The left picture is original orientation, the right is the left handed orientation. Click on picture to enlarge