The Purple Super Six

This amp started life as a Fender Super Six, which is based on the 100 watt master volume amp that also powered the Fender 100 watt twin, the Supersonic, and the Quad Reverb. This customer wanted to create a super six like nothing the world has ever seen. He enlisted the cabinetry skills of a local NC expert to fabricate and tolex the head and the cabinet. Then he brought the head to me, essentially, to do whatever I thought would be best for the ultimate super six.

I had prior successes with complete blackface conversions on the 100 watt twin platform, usually with replacing the front panel and removing the master volume knob, so I had decided to the same here. However since this customer wanted to keep the super 6 faceplate, I decided to put the knob to some other good use. I used it as a 'depth' control, in that it decreased negative feedback in the lower frequencies only as the knob was increased. The end result was less speaker damping for a warmer, looser sound when dialed in.