Restoring a Marshall 'Slash' Jubilee

This was a Marshall Slash Jubilee Reissue that was purchased by a customer of mine on ebay. Unfortunately, the amp was modified such that it beared no sonic or circuit resemblance to a Jubilee. The owner chalked it up to ebay experience and brought it to me for a complete gutting and rebuild. When I saw the amp, I knew that retracing the modification steps would be pointless and it would be quicker and cheaper to strip the PC board clean and start from scratch.

Unfortunately, one of the problems with the PC board is that many of the pads and even some of the traces were damaged from improper soldering. So much of the underside of the PCB actually has many point-to-point connections for the board mounted components, using the component leads carefully bent to to conform to the traces.

The extra PC board is a Tom Mitchell buffered effects loop. It has been disconnected for now but will probably be installed properly at a future date. But if so it will be installed without duct tape.

In these pictures pairs, the left picture is pre-restoration, the right picture is restored. Click on the pictures for a larger view.