A very Unique Frenz Bass

Bob Frenz has a god-like reputation for building very limited quantities of extreme quality custom basses. This six string headless bass is a Wenge/Flame Maple sandwich body with the neck laminated in the same matter. The pickups are EMG DC-5s with EMG's BT system. It sounds absolutely incredible.

When I received the bass for finishing it had a clear oil finish and no lacquer. I stripped the bass of electronics, cleaned the oil thorougly, applied an amber danish oil. When that dried, I finished the top with a few layers of acrylic lacquer, as thin as I could, then blocksanded and polished. The paint was thin enough to still reveal some of the grain texture, but thick enough to give a nice gloss. The goal was to affect the sound and feel of the bass as little as possible in the finishing. The bass came out beautifully.

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