The bass wah

Being a guitar player who uses a wah a lot, and a bass player as well, I've always wondered why I could never find a bass wah that really worked for bass. Either the bottom dropped out, or you couldn't hear the wah effect. Many times, the pedal was not true bypass so it affected your tone, and sometimes if you really leaned on the bass with the wah disengaged you could hear the pedal distort. I got so frustrated that I spent nearly two shop days tweeking an old Crybaby wah so that it would sound good on bass. I've sold a few of these, and have been tinkering with the idea of producing them. Here are three samples of the wah. In each sample a riff is recorded, then played again kicking on the way. The bass is a lower end yamaha, but with a set of EMG DC-45s. The EQ is set neutral, pan in the center, direct into a mackie board w no eq, into protools with no eq, dynamics or effects. The riffs are played without a pick.




Below are two samples Leo Kishore playing the bass wah live with "Barefoot Manner" at two tour stops in Virginia Beach on 2-23 and 2-24-07. He used a Fender American Deluxe ASH 5 string, finger style and slap, into the Bass Wah, into an Epifani 502 then DI (pre effects) to the board.



If you are interested in this pedal please contact me. You need to supply me with a Dunlop GCB-95, GCB-100, or JH-1 Wah. Your circuit card will be modified to remove the onboard buffer, to revoice the wah for bass as you can hear above, two trimpots will also be installed to fine tune the on/off relative level, and to fine tune the low end distorted resonance. The mod also includes installation of true bypass using a carling DPDT switch, and a new fulltone wah pot. The examples above had this resonance pot on full.. you have the option of turning it down slightly if you are overdriving your amp too easily with the resonant sweeps, or if you want a slightly less peaky sound.

The price for this modification is $105.00 including return shipping. Please be certain that you want this modification as there are no refunds. The workings of the pedal will be guaranteed for one year from date of shipment. Please listen carefully before purchasing, and thanks for your interest.