1. Where are you located?

    Please see the contact page

  2. What equipment do you work on?

    I work on almost all guitar and bass amps, guitar and bass electronics, and certain other pro audio products:
      • Vintage tube guitar & bass amps of any brand
      • Current tube & solid state guitar & bass amps of most brands
      • Vintage tube HiFi, such as McIntosh and Marantz
      • Vintage Ampeg V4 and SVT
      • All Marshalls of any era
      • Many Effects Pedals
      • Guitar Electronics
      • All brands and product lines for which authorized factory warranty service is provided below.

  3. What will you not work on?

      • Behringer
      • Bugera (with the exception of the 'wire harness burnout problem')
      • Microphones
      • Eden
      • Mixers, Large Medium or Small.
      • Home Stereo/HiFi, with the exception of vintage tube gear mentioned above.
      • Guitar Work other than electronics
      • Digital Effect Pedals
      • Blown output stages in some brands of power amps
      • Equipment that I am simply not that familiar with.


  4. My amp is dead. How Much will my repair Cost? ( NEW RATES EFFECTIVE ON DROPOFFS RECEIVED ON AND AFTER 06/28/16)

    It cannot be precisely calculated what a repair will cost until the unit is disassembled and the problem found. This disassembly and analysis for most gear incurs a "quote fee" of 40.00 and will be applied to the repair. At that point, you will be called with the exact quote. If at that point you do not wish to proceed with the repair, the 40.00 fee will still need to be paid to recover the item

    At times, certain complex or unusual equipment will not be possible to quote for 40.00. If this occurs, you will be called back with a revised quote fee of 80.00. Should this situation occur, you have the option to waive all fees and pick up the item at no charge. If you wish to continue, you will then be provided with an exact quote for the repair after the additional analysis. If at that point you do not wish to proceed with the repair, the 80.00 fee will still need to be paid to recover the item..

    Quotes are based loosely on a 80.00 per hour shop rate for labor, plus parts. Simple tube amp repairs typically cost 80.00 to 140.00 labor plus the cost of parts. A typical simple repair indicated by smoke and a blown fuse would incur 1 hour of labor plus parts, most likely a rectifier or output tubes and either a diode or screen resistor and would total approx 100.00-180.00. More extensive repairs like a complete cap job will be more. However the repair of a channel switching failure cost 220.00 or more.

    A solid state amp repair typically ranges from 1/2 to 2-1/2 hours. Simple jack or control problems might be 40.00, a simple repair involving circuitry might be 80.00, a more complex repair 150.00, a complete rebuild over 200.00

  5. Do I need to bring parts or tubes?

    No. We have, or can order, anything you could possibly need at reasonable prices and subsequently integrate the price of labor and parts. Work done with customer supplied parts may end up costing more overall. If you wish to use NOS tubes, you must bring those in as we do not supply NOS tubes

    If you prefer to bring in your own parts or tubes, we can accomodate. In the case of tubes, we will install and bias them correctly, but will not issue any labor warranty should they fail and should the amp require subsequent attention.

  6. Do you have a standard fee for a tube amp checkout & tuneup?

    If you are having crackling, buzzing, or dropout problems and your tube amp is still basically working, it most likely needs a checkout and cleaning. The fee for this is 60.00 for small simple single channel tube amps like a fender princeton, and 100.00 for all two channel and most other amps.. Certain more complex amps like the SVT IV, SVT classic, SVT II are 120.00 and will be indicated as such when dropped off. This includes:

      • check all preamp & power tubes
      • clean & tension tube sockets
      • adjust bias, check bias on fixed & cathode biased models
      • clean all jacks
      • remove all boards, if applicable, and repair any cracked or failing solder joints
      • clean all potentiometers
      • check fuses
      • test power supply filter caps (leakage, shorts, ESR)
      • test operating voltages at all gain stages
      • check high voltage coupling caps
      • check cathode and plate resistors tolerances
      • check reverb unit.
      • play test amplifier

    If items are found during this process that require repair the customer will be notified for a quote and approval at that time. If significant need for parts is found, addional parts charges will be quoted, as well as additional labor.
  7. What if I just need new tubes and a bias ?

    At a minimum, when new tubes are installed I check the screen resistors, power tube sockets, and bias circuit for any potential problems which could affect tube life, then set the bias for the amp. The fee for this is 40.00.

  8. How long will my repair take?

    There is a floating backup of 2-3 weeks, so count on leaving your amp for that long.

  9. Geez! I can't wait 2-3 weeks without my amp?

    In that case, please call to have a repair scheduled. Your work will be placed in the queue just as if you had brought the piece in. I will call you when your turn comes up, and you can bring your amp in at that time. If it takes you more than a week to come in, your turn is lost and we have to start over.

  10. But what if I have an emergency and need my amp fixed NOW ?

    I do emergency work, but there is a 50.00 extra fee to place your work at the top of the queue. Saturdays and Sundays incur a 100.00 urgent fee, provided that I am available.

  11. Do you do any amp upgrades or custom work?

    Certainly, I do plenty of custom work and upgrades. I can build amp kits to order, install transformer upgrades of any brand, speaker upgrades, blackface conversion of fender amps, rectifier tube to solid state conversions and vice versa. Please call for more info. My shop is a dealer for just about every component you would need for an upgrade or custom work, so it is economically advantageous for you to get a quote from me on the entire work and all the supplies involved.

  12. I have a question about a repair. Can I call you?

    With the workload here its not often that I can answer the phone. Email is best. If you call and no one answers please leave a message and I'll get back to your as soon as I can. If you're looking for self-repair information, these websites are an excellent source for information for you. and

  13. Do you have a warranty on your work?
    All work performed has a 60 day warranty on parts and labor for the problem that was actually repaired. Some amps may have different unrelated problems crop up within that 60 days, to which no warranty applies
  14. Do you accept mail order repair?

    Yes, but there is an additional 10.00 processing fee which covers unpacking, repacking, and the time involved to address the return information. For packages over 30 pounds, the fee is 15.00